Providence VA Medical Center, Rhode Island


Patient Information

Before you Visit

Before receiving services with PVAMC you need to determine your eligibility

Schedule an Appointment
Eligible Veterans should contact the VA Medical Center to schedule an appointment with a primary care provider.

During Your Stay or Care

Advance Directives
There may come a time when you are unable to decide or tell us what you want. You have the opportunity now to make some decisions ahead of time.

Patient Education
We want to assist you in learning more about your condition, how to live a healthy lifestyle, and ways to self-manage your own health.

Customer Service
A number of programs have been established to assist you in the event you have a concern or complaint.

After Your Visit

Release of Information
The ROI office processes requests for medical records and assists providers with completing forms for patients.

Billing & Insurance
You may be billed for a number of co-payments as a result of your stay or appointment.